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Condon Community Church Board of Elders

Condon Community Church is led by the Elders of the church (Titus 1:5-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7).

These men are responsible for the oversight of the spiritual and moral needs and direction of the church. They, along with the Pastor (who is also an Elder), plan and make decisions with regard to all matters of pulpit supply, outreach events, ministry strategy, special services, spiritual discipline and education of the congregation. They assist those who need spiritual guidance, visit the members and friends of the congregation, particularly the sick, destitute and new believers, in order to offer encouragement and discipleship.

Currently our Elders also supervise the physical dimension of the church,including oversight of the budget and maintenance of the buildings and church property along with benevolence spending.

Elders from left to right: Pastor Bruce Rippy, Scott McCleerey, Leon Kauffman, Roger Andrus, Buzz Busby

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Condon Community Church Deacons

Deacons from left to right: Chuck Pyle, Tom Berkley, Don Kirchhofer, Jim VanFossen, Lonny Maurer

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